Atkins diet plan

Get results with the powerful Atkins diet plan and discovery the new you

Dr. Atkins first launched his diet plan in the 70’s that in turn started a new diet revolution. The Atkins diet plan is your first step to feeling good and of course looking good.

With so many different weight loss programs available why choose this one? Well, the Atkins plan allows you to lose weight and maintain you're day-to-day activities.

What is the diet and how can it help you?

Thirty years after it started Dr Atkins nutritional theories have found wide spread support in scientific research circles, and has created a legion of followers who have adopted the low-carb eating as a way of life.

According to research 47% of Women and 63% of Men are either overweight or obese hard to believe but true. The hardest part of this plan is the first two weeks, this is the induction phase and the strictest phase of the diet.

The four phases of the plan are

  • Induction Phase
  • Ongoing Weight Loss Phase
  • Pre-Maintenance Phase
  • The Lifetime Maintenance Phase

If your serious about losing weight then you'll need some guidelines to help in your quest. Check out our low carb diet book section where you'll find tips and advice.

Foods allowed during first two week induction phase

In this phase only pure proteins are allowed and a limited amount of carbs, the proteins allowed include.

  • Fish, including: tuna, salmon, sole, and trout
  • Fowl, including: chicken, turkey, duck, and goose
  • Shellfish, including: lobster, squid, and prawns
  • Meats, including: pork, beef, lamb, and bacon, ham
  • Also: eggs, up to 90grams of most cheeses a day and 230-340 grams of salads

Only 20 grams of carbohydrates per day are allowed during this period the first two weeks are the hardest when losing weight, but stick to the program.

One Step at a time

The fact you're looking online for information on weight loss means you're thinking about dieting. With the Atkins Diet you can see amazing results in a short amount of time, just imagine losing weight and still enjoying many of your favorite foods.



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